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Youth Ministry

Rising 6th Graders through Grade 12

The young people of Saint Matthew’s meet regularly for discipleship, formation, fun, and fellowship throughout the year. Learn more about how your family can get involved below:

Youth Ministry Calendar

Youth Group

Youth Group is our monthly programming offering for both middle school and high school students. Join us each month for games, fun, fellowship, projects, and lively discussions about our faith.

Confirmation Small Group

Confirmation Small Group is a breakout session for confirmands and inquirers. Want to learn more about the confirmation process? Get in touch with us today to learn more.

High School Small Group

High School Small Group is a breakout session for high school students only. Dates are forthcoming.

9:00 Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday is a new offering for young people and families of Saint Matthew’s. Join us live on the final Sunday of each month at 9:00 AM for engaging worship for the whole family. As COVID-19 conditions improve, more of us will be able to attend, and richer activities will be scheduled. Stay tuned for additional updates.

The Teenage Prayer Experiment

It’s a challenging time, but prayer can help. Join the members of our Youth Group as we work through an ongoing experiment titled, The Teenage Prayer Experiment. Click here to reserve your free journal that we will use in Youth Group at each meeting. We’ll send the journal right to your door so you have it for Youth Group throughout the year!

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